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Acoustical Ceilings for Homes in Medicine Hat

Acoustical ceilings offer a perfectly scalable way to add dimensionality and high-performance sound attenuation to any space. Not just that, t-bar ceiling or acoustical ceiling is also helpful in providing easy access for maintenance jobs. Are you looking for professionals to install an access panel at your home to get to problematic plumbing, electrical or HVAC lines? If yes, you have landed on the right page. Jake’s Drywall offers experienced ceiling professionals for installation and repairs of acoustical ceilings in Medicine Hat.

Benefits of T-bar Ceilings

You should think of installing a t-bar ceiling in your residential space because:

They provide aesthetics

They offer the perfect balance of sound and aesthetics

They offer easy access for HVAC maintenance

The damaged tiles can be repaired individually

No screws or knots are required for installation

They are easy to modify

They create a new atmosphere for the room

The repair work is not expensive

They help in hiding away plumbing and electrical wiring

Do you need a few new drop-ceiling panels installed? Jake’s Drywall can handle ceiling repairs, installations, and projects of all shapes and sizes. Contact us for more information.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

If you want to give your house a new look this holiday season, hire our experts to paint it.

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