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Contractor for Commercial Drywall Taping Services in Medicine Hat

Drywall Taping

Jake’s Drywall offers the highest level of drywall taping services in Medicine Hat, Alberta. It is the finishing part of the drywall process that gives our work a smooth finish. Our tapers are experienced in the job and this is evident from the smoothness of the finished surfaces and the straight and crisp lines all around. We stay up-to-date about the new technologies in the industry and try to incorporate new techniques in our work to give you a service that surpasses all expectations. 

The drywall-taping process involves:

Applying paper or fibreglass tape over the joints between pieces of installed drywall

Covering the taped seams

Filling the screw or nail holes with drywall compound

Using high-quality taping or plastering

Drywall Boarding

Our drywall professionals are highly experienced and take a different approach to every job. They will first inspect the space and, if needed, will use techniques to straighten all the corners and correct uneven ceilings. This is done before they start the boarding process. The following processes are very important for drywall boarding:

Joint placement and joint treatment

The choice of fastening methods

It is important to hire experienced professionals for this job so that they choose the right method to complete the boarding process. This is important because almost all houses use wood framing, which has a lot of drawbacks. Building settling and truss create unsightly cracks, ripples and screw pop in the drywall. Our boarders have the experience and they understand how these processes affect the finished product. Therefore, we take all necessary precautions to prevent cracks due to truss uplift, compression cracks and ripples in load-bearing areas. Get connected to hire a team of licensed professionals for drywall boarding and taping in Medicine Hat.

Hide the Imperfections

T-bar ceilings are a great way to hide away HVAC wiring and to provide easy access for maintenance when needed.

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